Open Letter to Shaun King and the NY Daily News


This is directed toward Shaun King and his article regarding the recent appointment of Stephen Bannon. I get that there are pressures to get clicks, stay relevant, and give hot takes. And regardless of whether or not aforementioned stuff is the downfall of journalism or not, his piece was sloppy.
My points are few (because King’s are): Stephen Bannon is not Richard Spencer. This is classic diversionary tactics; let’s just list a bunch of shitty things Spencer has said and done, backed up with an abundance of links for legitimacy, and hope the average browserby won’t differentiate between who is who.
The whole argument is hinged weakly on the highly interpretable term, “alt-right”.
There were plenty of nuggets about Bannon that he could have used, instead he went with the lazy knee-jerk non-sequiter and threw out a bunch of leftist dog whistle buzz words — words which are killing the left — bigot, racist, KKK, alt-right, white-supremacy. Is there nothing left of substance to say? It didn’t work for Hillary.
King is acting like a one-trick pony. I can see him using the irrefutable closed-system logic, that if anyone disagrees with him, they are racist.
Let’s use King’s novice conspiracy theorist rhetoric.
NY Daily News – terrorists. It’s for real.
Done deal.
End of story, we are all going to burn in hell.
NYDaily hired Shaun King. Shaun King said he is a voice of the progressive left. The term progressive left was used by none other than… Donald DeFreeze.
Blah blah blah. Let me spend the rest of the article about DeFreeze and nothing else and then pat myself on the back. You can too if you feel better about yourself for being outraged!
That’s some shady shit right there.
So let me recap this,
King is reinforcing, normalizing, and invigorating radicalism on both ends. He is doing nothing to further benefit Americans knowledge or discourse. There was nothing productive about his piece. King’s tactics are insidious.
Peace out,
A. Sanguine

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