For the Good of the Nation: Ted Cruz and Katrina Pierson

“I just would really appreciate the endorsement.” Katrina said.

“A lot of girls would.” Ted responded.

The smell of mahogany and tar quietly bit at Katrina’s nostrils. The odour was slightly repulsive but oddly alluring. Mr. Cruz’s office was large, but not that large. Maybe it was just right. She noticed Ted’s gaze falling on her own and felt a flush of red hit her cheeks and chest. His normally stern gaze seemed different now. There was sadness. Katrina felt for him. A man of such enormous responsibility would feel lonely. And his wife, someone like her would take a toll on any man.

“I’ve been showing promise. You’ve said so yourself.”

Ted lifted himself from his chair and walked to the front of his desk.

“You have Kat, and you’ve been a good friend too.”

“Thank you Mr. Cruz.”

“Are you sure this leadership role in the Tea Party is right for you?”

“I do. I’m ready.”

“Are you ready to give yourself for the good of nation?”

Ted began to unbuckle his belt.

“Mr. Cruz, what are you doing?”

“It’s now or never, baby.”

He dropped trou and revealed a bent and thick cock. It had a life of its own. Kat couldn’t help but stare, repulsed and attracted. In the darkest parts of her heart, this was want she wanted. But not like this, there was no foreplay, no game, no agency.

“Ted…” She gasped. She collapsed to her knees and grabbed his cock with her hand, almost involuntarily. “Not like this.” She began stroking his crooked beast, from tip to base, firmly. His uncircumcised penis grew stronger with each push in. With each stroke, the foreskin would pull back and reveal that tar smell again. She couldn’t stand it any longer. Katrina Pierson put her mouth on Ted Cruz’s dick and started sucking.

She looked up to see Ted’s eyes. He was weeping. She sucked harder, she was surprised how much he had grown in her mouth. His weeps turned into silent sobs. Snot started to run from his nose. He tilted his head back and started to openly cry.

“Are you watching me, Lord? Are you enjoying your creation?” Then he looked back at Kat. The sadness was gone. His droopy eyes now had a cold rage in them. Ted wiped the dribble from the corner of his lipless mouth and then brought a finger to it. “Shhhh.”

He grabbed Kat’s dark silken hair deep on the crown of both sides and slammed her face as hard as he could into his groin. Kat took it like a champ. Her eyes started to water and she could barely breath. The more she pushed back, the harder Ted squeezed.

Finally he let go. He spun her around and bent her over the desk. Kat grabbed on and smelled the mahogany. It put her at ease and she could feel her vagina get wet. She was anticipating that freakish cock. Ted’s hands slid up her skirt on the sides of her thighs and expertly slipped her panties down. How many other faces had been pressed against this desk?

“I’m going to fuck you so hard.”

Katrina braced herself for impact. She got a surprise: Ted’s face. He shoved his beak nose deep into her ass, breathing in deeply. Kat felt a little embarrassed as she had just taken a nervous shit thirty minutes prior, but she couldn’t help but let go. She moaned.

“Quiet.” Ted slurped through her pussy. It felt so good. His tongue was so long. He kept eating and eating until she was a gushing mess. He licked one long lick from her clit all the way up to her ass, where he tickled at it with his tongue.

Next thing Kat knew, Ted had his arm around her neck and his tongue deep in her ear, wriggling around. And then there it was, inside of her. It felt so good. He went hard and fast, like a bunny rabbit, in quick sharp motions. A minute passed and Kat started to get bored. It seemed like he was forgetting about her.

Another three minutes passed. It sounded like he was crying again. Suddenly it stopped.

“Stay there.” Ted walked around to the other side of the desk. “Roll over.”

Kat rolled on her back and dangled her head over the desk. Ted Cruz started to face fuck Katrina Pierson. The fantasy was better and worse than she could have imagined. The power and the abuse had commingled into her psyche so deep that she couldn’t tell what she liked and what she feared. She was just a hole that Ted Cruz was pounding. But he was also giving.

To Kat’s surprise, Ted crawled over with his dick still lodged in her mouth. He started fingering her and licking her. It hurt her neck but she kept at it, bobbing back and forth, sucking as best she could. Ted’s asshole puckered and shut as he sucked at her pussy. His fingers rubbing rhythmically along her g-spot. Was he trying to make her cum?

She tensed at the thought. She hadn’t come in nearly two years, ever since she made politics her priority, there just wasn’t the time. But there was something about Ted’s ass and wispy wiry hairs along his white crack that made her mind a jumble until she lost herself.

Ted worked patiently until she started to oooh. Kat gave up sucking, it was so satisfying. She let her head fall back. Oh my, was this really happening? Was she really about to come? He grew more vigorous, pressing hard with his tongue down on her clitoris and powerfully with his fingers inside her. The pace quickened and she could feel herself losing it. And then, just as she was going wild, Ted slowed his pace. And. Oh my God. Yes. Yes. Kat Pierson started to gush on Ted Cruz’s face.


The awkward clean-up soon followed. Katrina was too embarrassed to look at Mr. Cruz. She eventually asked, “Did you not come?”

“No, I would never do that. That would be cheating and I would never cheat on my wife.”

Ted Cruz Black eye


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