Anonymous Cop on Hannity reveals Freddie Gray had Marijuana and Heroin in his system

In a radio interview with Hannity today, a police officer who had his voice altered to protect his identity revealed some things involving the Freddie Gray case. As I’m sure everyone is aware by now, 6 officers involved in Gray’s death were indicted on varying degrees of crimes, from negligence to 2nd degree murder. It seemed as if a collective sigh of relief was let out across the nation with these charges, but not on Fox, and not with Hannity.

I believe the man interviewed was a real Baltimore officer and not an actor, just by the way of his behavior throughout the and indignant disgust with the charges. He revealed unreleased information about the toxicology of Freddie Gray. He reported that Gray had Marijuana and Heroin in his system. We can all stop feeling bad about Freddie Gray now, since he obviously had it coming.

But really, this matters because if indeed Freddie Gray ran before his arrest, it would be presumed that he swallowed whatever drugs he was dealing with – which would nullify the unlawful arrest charge.

Not just a few months ago, Hannity was calling for justice in Ferguson to be played out in the legal system. Now, not surprisingly, he says to Geraldo “Justice is dead in America.” I don’t need to spend time pointing out the disgustingly gross hypocrisy of Hannity’s love for America, but I can’t help but get frustraged by listening to it.




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