Israel Responds to Gaza Rocket Attack

Israeli Iron Dome

Israeli Iron Dome

In the news that really isn’t that surprising, there was a rocket attack from the Gaza Strip into Israel today that hurt no one. No Palestinian militia group has claimed responsibility as of now. What also isn’t surprising is Israel’s heavy handed response to the rocket fire.


With the recent reelection of Bibi, thanks in part to the reinvigorated stoking of the Iranian nuclear fears, things aren’t likely to change. What would be a stunning surprise is if Israel would do nothing if the attacks did no damage. I’m not proposing this as some hippie-dippy answer to the attacks, but as an actual change of strategy.


The response from Israel is often taken as a deterrent. You attack us, we’ll kill people and blow up your infrastructure, because we can. In the process they are using innocent lives as a means to an end. Surely one can see that destroying homes and families does not create a goodwill between nations. It definitely does not stop the bloodshed. The rockets keep coming. Sanctioned by Hamas or not, the rockets will keep coming, especially when one has nothing to live for.


Thanks in part to the Iron Dome, the rocket attacks from Gaza have a miniscule percent chance of doing any real damage. So why the response? Why the killing? It’s time Israel takes the higher ground. They have the means. If every rocket that did nothing, and Israel acted completely blasé, the message sent would be, these attacks truly are act of futility. It’s time to build, not take down.


It is very apparent that each time Israel does not follow the “let the punishment fit the crime” mantra, it damages its reputation internationally, doing exactly what Gaza wants. Each time Israel kills thirty Palestinians in response to one of their buildings being destroyed, it shows their perceived two tiered value of life. Of course, if the rockets stopped coming in and Israel stopped responding, all those jets and tanks would lose their raison d’etre.



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