Douche Guy Pretends to be Homeless, Gives Douches Money

Meanwhile in LA….

If you haven’t already seen the video, some YouTube Star Prankster du jour going by the moniker fouseyTUBE has a video that rubs me the wrong way. In it he pretends to be homeless, but in a CRAZY twist, he attempts to give money, not ask for it. Honestly, this was a fine idea for a video, but I feel this guy ended up just being a bro with an agenda who got what he was looking for.


Putting aside the moral ambiguity of pretending to be homeless for the sake of a YouTube “social experiment,” I am first very skeptical of videos such as this. How many benign pedestrian encounters were there before a prick comes by and gets offended? It’s easy to paint a picture to prove a point when you are the editor, but is it true? Again, this was in LA, so maybe there was more pricks than not. But you know, he’s “just showing the only thing they have in this world is to give to others.” I just don’t buy his altruism.

(Screengrabs from fouseyTUBE)

(Screengrabs from fouseyTUBE)

Things that bugged me:

  1. The false Christ-like nature taken on in this video. He offers what is his “last dollar” and goes on to say some things like “the only way for me to feel rich in this world is by giving what I can.” Later, he ends up calling some guy condescending – which he was – but so is fouseyTUBE and with this false holier than thou attitude, of course he’s going to get jerk reactions. Not to mention the audacity and completely disingenuous attitude of fousey to pretend to not only to give his last dollar but to have a sign that reads: no one has ever become poor from giving. Precious.
  2. He hugs a girl. He gets a lady’s attention, to which she immediately responds “I don’t have any cash.” fousey does his bit and the girl is so moved that she ends up giving him cash. Fousey breaks character and tells her how moved by her kindness and FORCES a hug on her, completely forgetting the fact that she just lied to him about not having any money. Would he have hugged a man or if she was less cute and still lied? We will never know…
  3. He picks a fight with a douchebag. This last instance is by far the most egregious, yet also the most forgivable given how the guy he offered money to points to his Mercedes and gives him a free lesson: “work for it.” After this though, fousey is offended and calls him out on it. He tells him to “keep walking” and enters full bro mode. He has a verbal altercation. fousey then TAKES OFF HIS HAT revealing HE ACTUALLY ISN’T POOR, the guy comes back to keep it going and fouseyTube Christ ends up laying his hand on the guy (albeit lightly but in a “let’s do this” fashion). Don’t lose your cool when you are trolling, that’s 101.

Look brah, you got what you wanted, no need to do the “keep walking” tough guy bit. Maybe you’re upset that you don’t have a Mercedes. In the words of fouseyTube Christ:

“It doesn’t matter how much you have in life if what you have in life takes away from you being humble. At the end of the day, even the most poor man can be the most rich depending on how much love he has in his heart. feel free to share.”

Do you even use thicker Sharpies, brah?

Do you even use thicker Sharpies, brah?

It’s easy to say this kind of shit, but living it is completely another ballgame and something tells me based on his last interaction that fousey isn’t. Let this not distract us from the main point here though: people from LA are posturing pricks and the town rewards people for that behavior.


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